What I’m Reading

Blogs/Magazines/Email Lists/yada yada yada

Anything written by John Foreman

Dan Ariely – behavioral economist at Duke and the smartest advice column out there

Undercurrent (sign-up on the bottom) – consulting firm focused on organizations, technology and strategy

Responsive – from some of the folks at Undercurrent

Decision Science News – jobs, conferences, and thought pieces on the namesake

Yhat – movers and shakers in the data science services world

Gary Marcus – great perspectives on artificial intelligence, analysis, and the present/future state of technology

Paul Strassmann – applied work in technology strategy at giant organizations



Herbert Simon’s Administrative Behavior and Organizations – origins of modern organizational behavior theory

Keynes-Hayek by Nicholas Wapshott – easy read on one of the great debates of the century

The Sleepwalkers by Christopher Clark – if you want THE most detailed case study of decision making and communication failure

Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Picketty – (in progress…probably for awhile)

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